Tattva clock

Why are prithvi and apas swapped?

There are several sources that list different tattva orders. We prefer the order with apas at the end (link outside our domain). If you are an iOS, iPadOS or watchOS user and you prefer the order with prithvi at the end, you can change the order in the settings.

Why does the tattva change after the location update?

Your move (even from a short distance) can fundamentally change the situation. The sun (in most cases) does not rise at the same time, even in relatively close locations. This is also the reason why the application works with your exact location and gives you the advantage of having very accurate results.

Chinese Body Clock

Why isn't astronomical noon always at the same time even though I'm always in the same place?

The earth has an elliptical orbit around the sun and a tilted axis. The difference between noon in your locality can vary by tens of minutes during the year.

Lunar Calendar

Why does the application claim that the full moon (as well as other phases of the moon) take more days?

The application does not tell you exactly when the full moon will occur, but informs you about the effect of the full moon. The old teaching says that the full moon does not only affect you for a given minute or hour, but its effect lasts for about 3 days. The same applies to other phases of the moon.

Why can't I find the names of lunar days anywhere on the Internet?

We relied on the notes and knowledge of Michal Čurgali who has been involved in esotericism for more than 30 years. Lunar days were taught at esoteric seminars in the Czech Republic in the ’90s and early millennia. We acknowledge that the origins of this teaching are unknown to us. It is the knowledge of a handful of insiders.


Why is the information in the widget sometimes delayed? Is it a bug?

We do our best to keep the information in the widget up to date. Unfortunately, this may happen, for example, because the operating system or battery saver (i.e. the 3rd party app) does not allow the widget to update in a timely manner. You will always find updated data in the application.

Why can't I see the name of my location, just the geographical coordinates?

An internet connection is required to get the name of your location. The app sometimes needs to contact Google or Apple to find out the place’s name. Of course, the application does not need the Internet for calculations. The application will also work without the Internet, only you will not know the name of the place where you are. :) If you do not see the name of the place even with an internet connection, try restarting your device.